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First person property videos


People and search engines love video. In fact search engines love video so much, that video has more SEO benefits than you realise for your website.

Video is easy to upload and there are many packages that provide simple video editing software that will add much needed professionalism. If you have not looked into recording videos to be uploaded to your website, we seriously suggest that you do.

As you’ve probably guessed, this gadget of the week will be on video but with a slight twist.

ZionEyez are on the brink of releasing glasses that record in high definition. With 3 hours maximum it guarantees that any users won’t suffer from tired arms.

Not only that but it will be capable of picking up WiFi, Bluetooth and has dark and light removable lenses.

This then gives Estate Agents the chance to create their very own first-person property video, adding an extra dimension and information to the properties on their Estate Agent website.

What I personally like about this is that not only do Estate Agents have to record their viewing once, but with more information, surely it is more than likely to increase the seriousness of potential leads.

Unfortunately Eyeztm by ZionEyez HD cannot be bought yet. It is listed on and is still waiting for $10,000 dollars until they go into production. Luckily the money pledged to get this off the ground is going up so quickly that it is likely that it will have full backing at the time that this article goes out in our Wednesday newsletter.

For those that are unsure, is a website is the largest funding platform for creative projects across the world. It not only gives people a place to seek funding for their particular idea, but it is a place for people to donate to great ideas.

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