Feng Shui your Estate Agent website

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Feng Shui your Estate Agent website


Estate Agents it’s possible to take an ancient Chinese philosophy and apply it to the digital age. Whether or not you believe in Qi/Chi (energy), it is possible to follow certain rules to ensure that your website is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

    • Colours

Colour theory is important when web designers and Estate Agents work together to create a truly special website design. Many colours have different associated emotions and will give the vendor and property searcher an idea of your intended or unintended brand image.

    • Music

Music is another element which influences the way people feel. Unfortunately all Estate Agents asking for music integrated with their web design will be sorely disappointed. Resource Techniques believes that Estate Agent websites in particular have no place for music. It’s cheesy and is guaranteed to force people away from your website.

    • Information

Internet users do not read websites the same as they would with a book. The information displayed on your Estate Agent website needs to be clear, concise and within the layout of the website design. Either show someone your Estate Agent website or sit down and try to visualise what it would be like to view the text for the first time.

    • Flow

Even websites have flow to them. Certain techniques such as ‘call to action’ are specifically designed to grab the attention of the property searcher and almost call out to them. Main examples of this can include property search button on the homepage and contact us details on individual properties.

    • Shapes

Generally Feng Shui suggests that square and rectangle shapes are promoted because of their ‘balance’ whereas circle and triangle shapes are deemed ‘volatile’. This also promotes structure on the website’s page meaning web users have particular points in which to reference the stored information.

Troy Stanley comments, ‘To the best of my knowledge none of the web designers are Feng Shui experts, but they are experts at creating unbelievable websites that will blow Estate Agents away.’