Facial features of an Estate Agent website

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Facial features of an Estate Agent website

Throughout the history of the internet there have been many analogies of general web design and Estate Agent websites. Even Resource Techniques compared Estate Agent websites and website design to a house.

The web design team at Resource Techniques now feel that the time has come to present a different analogy for the modern online Estate Agent.

  • Eyes – Google analytics give Estate Agents the power of sight through their website. Estate Agents can see the types of keywords used in search engines, visits, page views and much more.
  • Ears – Ever wondered what it would be like to listen to potential and existing customers without having to talk to them? Through Email alerts, Estate Agents can listen to the types of properties that property searchers are looking for. This means that a picture can be built on each potential buyer, without even having a conversation with them.
  • Mouth – Got something to say? Estate Agents can use social networking to not only promote properties but also share local and national property related stories. Note: Social networking is not just the mouth, but also the ears and the brain as Estate Agents will need to communicate with other users.
  • Nose - Easily the hardest analogy to create. Luckily for the public (and Estate Agents), officially websites do not sniff, or even smell their customers. Instead websites can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and/or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to move their way towards the top of Google. In this way Estate Agent websites can ‘sniff out’ new customers who use search engines to search for Estate Agents in their local area.
  • Face – Aesthetics on a website. A professional and well presented website will encourage people to stay and enquire further into your Estate Agent website.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘There are many different aspects to an Estate Agent’s website.

‘The 3 seconds to impress campaign highlighted the importance of impressing potential buyers through the face of the Estate Agent’s website. Estate Agents have 3 seconds to impress once someone has access your website.

‘Estate Agents, ask yourself one simple question: Does your website impress within 3 seconds?’ – Troy Stanley