Facebook’s vanity URLS

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Facebook’s vanity URLS


It is impossible to ignore that almost every businesses is using their Facebook page within their marketing material. Everything from nationwide advertising campaigns to pubs are showing off the fact that they are on Facebook and Estate Agents are no exception.

Not only do the Estate Agents that have a clearly defined social media strategy create Facebook pages that people will want to read, but they place them everywhere they can. For sale boards, emails, a showroom window, local newspaper adverts, etc. no stone is left unturned.

Being almost impossible to miss, you would have noticed the Facebook link that is promoted will be one that is named after the company or marketing campaign. For example, the Resource Techniques Facebook page is www.facebook.com/ResourceTechniques.

Estate Agents can have their very own Facebook link by going to Facebook’s username page. Make sure that you do not set your personal account, but use the drop down box under entitled ‘Each Page can have a username’. This mistake has been repeatedly made so make sure that you read the instructions carefully

The reason that the Facebook link is done this way is simply because it’s easier to type in and remember – not to mention that showing that you’re an active participant of social networks means that it shows that you’re a modern, tech savvy Estate Agent.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant