Facebook’s next big thing: Video chat

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Facebook’s next big thing: Video chat


Facebook has decided to skip a stage.

A year and 8 months ago we covered a story that ‘voice chat is coming to a Facebook near you’ explaining that Facebook is to allow people to communicate audio between two accounts.

Still waiting, the public have never received this feature and have relied on Facebook Chat which only covers text.

Then last November Facebook introduced an amalgamated messaging service where all chat is now integrated into their messaging service which also allows users to use it as an email service.

In 2007 Microsoft bought a 1.6% share in Facebook for a whopping 240 million dollars, with Microsoft acquiring Skype this week, it seems that the rumour mill has started up again.

There are now reports that Facebook is in talks with Skype, which can only mean one thing – adding video chat instead of, or as well as the current Facebook Chat.

Although the majority of users will be without a webcam, what about the Facebook app? Surely it’ll only be time till we can video call through the Facebook app?

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant