Facebook Timeline: New personal profile page

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Facebook Timeline: New personal profile page

The Facebook timeline is a new personal profile page that will be released to everyone on October 6th, but what’s it all about?

What will be new about your Facebook profile?

The Cover:

This is a 720px photo that is at the top of your profile page. Your display picture has been moved to the bottom left of your cover image.

The Timeline:

On the right side of the cover photo is the timeline. This is a menu of dates in which you can select the month or year you chose and it will jump you straight to that date so you can see past activities.

Personal details:

Your about section is where you can view your friends information, this includes photos, contact information, their likes, check in’s, etc. This is located below the cover photo.

Viewing friend’s information:

By clicking on any of the categories for example ‘Map’ you can view where your friends have checked in. Below is where Troy Stanley has checked in.


This is your new Facebook profile wall; this is where your stories will be visible to people visiting your timeline, starting with most recent. Facebook will filter these and only display the important ones.

How to search your Timeline:

Your Timeline starts with the most recent stories and as you go further down the timeline (going back in time) Facebook only highlight the more important stories.

If you wish to view something from a specific month you can click on any month using the timeline to the side of the cover picture.

The Timeline also uses blue dots to indicate the important updates and gray dots for the less important updates.

You can filter content by selecting the view activity button.

This page will allow you to sort your stories by type (e.g. Photos).

Editing/Adding Timeline information:

Adding and editing your personal information has been made easy with Facebook Timeline, by clicking on these symbols you can add a story to your timeline. This might be when you got married, when you started your job or even when you bought your house.

In our opinion the Facebook Timeline is great, easy to use and a lot of fun to see what you and your friends have been getting up to over the years.

Facebook Timeline will be made live on October 6th.