Facebook SEO for Estate Agents

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Facebook SEO for Estate Agents

Facebook for estate agentsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) for has been a huge industry for a few years now, but many Estate Agents do not realise the impact of the SEO from their Facebook.

Facebook is huge, not only in the UK but worldwide. Facebook has 350 million users worldwide, approximately a third of that in Europe and 23million users in the UK alone. With a population of 62 million, this means that just less than 2/5th's of population are now on Facebook in the UK.

With this many people, Facebook now has to be taken seriously for driving people (traffic) onto your website. Taking tiny steps can ensure the Estate Agent Facebook fan page has the best possible presence.

The Facebook search feature is not like Google, typing in 'Estate Agents in...' does not yield any results and Facebook users are aware of this. Simple tip here, follow the word username and 'Use-(you)r-name' so that people typing in the name of your Estate Agency will be able to find you.

Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a once only customisable URL or web address for your fan page. This is available to Estate Agents with over 25 fans by going to facbook.com/username. Resource Techniques has recently selected our vanity URL as facebook.com/resourcetechniques.

Information dedication

Don't be shy. Fill in as much information as possible on from who you are, to why you love being an Estate Agent. The more information you fill in, the more information that is available for Search Engines and potential customers to see.

Attract fans

The more fans your Estate Agent Facebook page has, the more people you can promote to, the greater the fan page interaction, more traffic being diverted onto you estate agency website while (slightly) massaging the ego.

Estate Agent Website

Slightly simplified, but the more traffic and links that are pointing to an Estate Agent's website or their Facebook page, the better the Estate Agent's SEO ranking. Estate Agents need to make sure that they clearly show links to their website and vice versa.