Facebook rumours

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Facebook rumours


Facebook is up there with the Gods when it comes to social networking. It recently broke the 500 million user mark, having 23.5 million users in the UK as well as being available in 70 different languages.

With such an online celestial giant, there are no doubts that every now and then a few rumours emerge such as the iPhone 4 rumours and the Google Caffeine rumours.

Now sources are digitally gossiping that Facebook could add location to their services – something that would be moving into the Foursquare territory.

This could mean a few things for Estate Agents.

Privacy is a serious issue when it comes to Facebook and users are unlikely to open their status updates to the entire internet. Unlike Twitter search, this means that Estate Agents will be unable to search for users by location.

Location-based services such as Foursquare may be greatly integrated into Facebook. Although Foursquare is still a mouse in comparison of usage, it is worth keeping an eye on.