Facebook Places now live!

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Facebook Places now live!


Last month we covered an article telling Estate Agents that Facebook is going to release Facebook places. This is a feature that is going let users show their geographic location to their friends – and the rest of the world if their security settings are correctly set.

The good news is that Facebook Places is now live in the UK! Estate Agents can now sign into anywhere in the UK, and if there isn’t a Places page, they can create one.

This can be done by either signing in on a Facebook App or via Facebook’s mobile touch website.

To create your own Places page, press on ‘Check in’ and then ‘Add’ or the plus button.

An article on the Inside Facebook website claims that signing into Facebook Places has a higher chance of appearing on your friend’s newsfeeds than Facebook Pages – which obviously has online marketing implications.

Whether these marketing implications are possible for Estate Agents is another story. Estate Agents will have to think outside the box and possibly offer a promotion related to check-ins into their office – a pen, doughnut or even free evaluations are all possible.

Of course the flip side is that the Estate Agent brand will be promoted to everyone on that person’s friend’s list, all of which will most likely be local residents.