Facebook page: Take the initiative, acquire the advantage

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Facebook page: Take the initiative, acquire the advantage


Facebook has almost saturated half of the UK population. Mix that in with 600 million users worldwide and you will start to see one of the main reasons why we, and others, bang on so much about social networking for Estate Agents.

Cast your minds back to February when we released an article on Facebook updating the way you use Facebook pages where Estate Agents can ‘sign into’ Facebook Estate Agency page by clicking on the ‘Use Facebook as Page’ under ‘Account’.

This means that Estate Agents will have a newsfeed and be able to like, comment and share as if they were their Facebook page – not their personal account.

What I am about to propose is simple, yet rarely practiced.

Using Facebook as your Estate Agent page, you will like every local business with a Facebook page in your local area. Although this sounds peculiar, your page’s newsfeed (accessible by clicking on the Facebook logo whilst using Facebook as page) will now be full of posts from local businesses.

Then Estate Agents must engage, engage, and then engage some more.

Similar to the articles Me too positioning won’t cut it with social networking and ‘6 unconsidered Facebook actions’, Estate Agents that have a Facebook page can’t have a hope-for-the-best strategy. They have to actively use, interact and promote it on and offline. Only then will Estate Agents start to see the progress and results that they desire.

By interacting and posting on other business’s Facebook pages, you are inadvertently advertising your own page, website and Estate Agency – for free.
Of course, I’m not suggesting that you become a mindless robot posting up pointless advertising, but you provide relevant and valued, funny or insightful contribution (it doesn’t always have to be about property).

This means that not only are you increasing the chances that your Facebook page will be liked by local Facebook users, but you are establishing a local online connection between yourself and other local businesses.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant