Facebook killer: Are mobile social networks our future?

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Facebook killer: Are mobile social networks our future?

Facebook continues to struggle with the transition to mobile; with many users showing negative reviews to the Facebook app despite the many updates Facebook has released to improve usability. Facebook still only holds a 2 star rating within Apple’s App Store where as the mobile social network Path has a 5 star rating, with comments praising the app as beautiful, smooth, flawless and fast.

So what is Path and why may it threaten Facebook?

Path is a social networking company founded by Dave Morin, a former Facebook employee. The social network is dedicated to mobile users.

There are 5 billion mobile subscribers but only 1 billion desktops in the world and Morin could see the mobile era was here which inspired him to create this app.

What you should know about Path

It’s a timeline

Path has a timeline concept which they call the “smart journal” and the new updates have added many more features. The content is in date/time order and the shared posts are called “Moments”.

Instagram-like photos

Path offers filters for taking pictures, just like Instagram. This means cool pictures with beautiful interfaces can be uploaded easily.

Limited Friends

Path only allows you to have a max of 150 connections; the concept is based on Robin Dunbar’s theory that says human beings can maintain a total of 150 trusted relationships between friends and family. This means it is a more personal social network only allowing you to be friends with true friends instead of 1000’s of randomers.


It is very quick and easy to tag people. Path allows you to add pictures and people to your check-ins which is a very cool feature.

Now you have “Moments” can include a post with location, a photo and friends tagged.


Path was launched back in November 2010 but didn’t gain it strength until its latest updates earlier this year. The app now has around 1 million members.

Social Sharing

Although the social network is private you do have the option to share your moments with the rest of the world if that’s what you choose. Path lets you connect and share through Facebook, Twitter and check-in to Foursquare.


For all you concerned with privacy on the web you will be pleased to hear that your Path social profile is private by default. You have to let in the people you want to connect to, with only 150 spots available.

This is a refreshing change from social networks like Facebook whose profile are open by default making you have to adjust the settings to make them private.

Although the app is a lot more beautiful and easier to use than most other app based social networks, I do believe Path still has a long way to go before it will be directly competing with the social giants. However the app is a step in the right direction.

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