Facebook facts that will shock you

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Facebook facts that will shock you

Facebook is preparing for the wide release of Graph Search but many still have concerns about the privacy issues the new feature raises.

Are you sure that only your friends will see your name during searches?

More than a quarter of Facebook users share information with an audience much wider than their social circle. Even more shockingly around 13 million users haven’t actually ever touched their privacy settings.

Facebook Graph Search will soon be released to everyone. This means your photos, status updates and other information can be searched to better connect you with the world around you.

You can adjust your privacy settings to ensure all your content is only shared with and searched for by the people you allow.

Are you ready?

Facebook has 1 billion monthly active users:

  • 13 million Facebook users have never touched their privacy settings.
  • 28% share all or almost all, of their wall posts with an audience wider than just their friends.
  • 11% of Facebook users said that someone else has tried to login to their account without their permission.
  • 91% of employers admit to using social networking sites to screen prospective employees.

If you are worried about the content on your Facebook account being visible to the world, set your privacy controls to “friends” only.

Photos can be searched for through Graph Search

On average, there are 97,000 photos in your Facebook network.

This includes photos you might be tagged in. Make sure your tagged photos have your desired privacy control setting; otherwise they could be searchable through Graph Search.


If you are curious what location tags are attributed to your account, search for them and set the appropriate privacy settings.

With the public Graph Search being released, it is important to be aware of your content that is searchable.

Public information will come up in search queries so if you have any content on Facebook that you don’t want other people to see be sure to have set the privacy settings correctly.