Facebook adds panic button

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Facebook adds panic button


After pressure from the government and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), Facebook has agreed to put a 'panic button' to prevent bullying and untoward sexual behaviour. This comes after Ashleigh Hall, a 17 year-old girl from Darlington, Co Durham, was brutally raped and murdered by 33 year-old convicted sex offender Peter Chapman.

The panic button is now live in the UK for all UK Facebook users aged 13 to 18 years old. When pressed, it will take the teenage Facebook user to the CEOP website for help and advice on how to deal with the problem in hand.

Many commentators have speculated that this will create a whole wave of needless and false work for the CEOP. Estate Agents, what are your feelings? Let Resource Techniques know via our Facebook or Twitter page.

Safety first is important on any social networking website. Estate Agents are you worried that teenager you know could be at risk? Take them through these simple points:

  • Privacy - The privacy settings aren't always set so that the information shown can only be seen by their friends and family. Sit down with them and make sure these settings are correct and the reason why you are changing them.
  • People - Only talk to people you know and also let them know that people aren't always truthful with their identities.
  • Information - Never give out personal details online.
  • Reporting - Let them know that they can either come directly to you if they are worried about anything. Show them websites like CEOP and Direct.gov's online safety tips and make sure that they fully understand the information presented in front of them.