Everything Everywhere has announced the 4G launch dates and prices

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Everything Everywhere has announced the 4G launch dates and prices

EE has finally announced the pricing plan and release dates for its 4G service which will be the first 4G provider in the UK.

The service which offers up to 5 times the speed of 3G will roll out in ten cities on the 30th October, with prices starting at £36 per month.

EE customers will receive 4G wherever it is available and the data allowance will be 500MB per month. The prices are tiered depending on data allowance from £36 going up to £56 for 8GB’s a month. EE have said you will be warned if you are approaching your limit and will then be able to buy a data add-on if you require more.

Everything Everywhere’s 4G will be available from the 30th October in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Southampton and Sheffield, with 5 more cities being available by Christmas 2012. These cities are Belfast, Derby, Hull, Newcastle and Nottingham.

EE claims that 98% of the country will have 4G coverage by the end of 2014.

They also are launching a new fibre optic broadband service, with download speeds reaching a huge 76Mbps! Starting at £15 a month with a connection fee of £50 and £14 a month line rental, however you are able to get a £5 monthly reduction if you sign up for a year.

With 4G just around the corner will you be jumping on board come 30th October or hang around until wider coverage is available?

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