Every Estate Agent has a unique stamp

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Every Estate Agent has a unique stamp

The social media adventure is certainly an unusual one. Estate Agents have a garden variety of “Experts” and “gurus” telling them exactly how to be, act, post, reply, watch, maintain, share and measure. They give you lists for their ‘top 5’, ‘top 10’ or even their ABC’s of social networking.

With such a wide variety of advice available, what exactly is the best way for Estate Agents to use social media? Is it even possible to follow every single ‘top 5’ or ‘the 5 C’s of social media?

The way I look at it is that is that an Estate Agent’s online life is no different to their life in the real world. Let me explain…

From the moment you are born your parents, relatives, peers, associates, colleagues, and well, society in general will all give their unique view on life. They will tell you how to live, whether to eat certain things or not, their top 5 foods to help certain aliments, how much you should exercise, how you should treat others – I could go on forever.

As time marches on, Estate Agents themselves will decide on how exactly to live their lives and how they conduct themselves in business. Of course some advice will be taken on, whilst others clearly discarded.

The point here is that Estate Agents will live their life and conduct their business in a completely unique way. Of course there will be industry norms and general practices that everyone will follow but essentially everyone makes their unique stamp upon the world.

It is therefore up to Estate Agents to take social media advice with a pinch of salt. Not only are you unique, but your brand is completely unique. This means that whilst some advice will work for others, it is not certain that it will work for you.

Next time you are reading an advice list, consider the ways that those actions will affect the way people see your brand and if anything, whether it actually fits your brand image.