Every 60 seconds on Social Media

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Every 60 seconds on Social Media

We all know how popular Social Networks are these days with Facebook almost reaching the 1 billion members mark and Twitter pushing closer to 150 million but what kind of activity do these social platforms experience in a single minute.

Facebook is becoming more than just a networking tool and in many cases is the preferred communication tool with more messages sent through Facebook than phone calls and texts.

But what really happens in just 60 seconds for Social Media:

  • Pinterest on average has 1090 visitors
  • Foursquare has 2000 checkins
  • Flickr has 3125 photos uploaded
  • LinkedIn has 7,610 searches
  • Twitter has 175,000 tweets
  • Facebook has 700,000 messages sent
  • YouTube has 2 million videos viewed

Some of these stats are absolutely mind blowing and in some ways proves the importance of having social networking accounts and opportunities social media has for an Estate Agent.

Social media is a great way for Estate Agents to promote their business and gain clients. Focus on the 3 main social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) to help build your online presence and brand recognition.

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