Estates Agents: It’s time to work on your headlines

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Estates Agents: It’s time to work on your headlines


There is no denying that Content is King. It will help Estate Agents make gains in their SERPs and is therefore in an Estate Agent’s best interest to write in their news feature to increase their SEO potential.

Few Estate Agents will miss this chance, but the ones that are not writing regularly will be missing out on a huge SEO benefit for their Estate Agent website.

For the ones that are (firstly pat yourself on the back!), here are 5 different styles of headlines that to write grabbing headlines that increase the traffic on your website:

  • Teach – Informing people is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.
  • Shock – Bold statements certainly attract attention, but be careful not to stray away from the truth.
  • Rebel – Go against the grain and show people the light.
  • Empathise – Helping people in trouble or sticky situations boarders on the first point, but is directed at people in need of guidance e.g. First Time Buyers.
  • Confuse – Confusion in its purest form will only move on the reader, but confusion that sparks interest is harder to do. One example would be to connect two things that seem unrelated.

Whereas these tips are designed to create hard-hitting headlines that drive traffic to your website, Estate Agents must be wary that if they stray too far to the dark side it could very easily land them and their business in hot water.