Estate agents; you have 3 vital seconds

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Estate agents; you have 3 vital seconds
Estate agent's have 3 seconds 2 impress with web design

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3 seconds on your website is all it takes for people to make a judgement on all areas of your company. As soon as a web page loads up, every aspect of your website is being judged against the expectations of today's modern property searcher. With 72% of customers seeing you first on the internet, estate agents cannot afford to let this large percentage slip away so easily.

With this in mind, estate agents should be demanding 4 simple things from their website designer:

1. A Page 1 Google listing

The latest research has shown that the public only pick websites that are at the top of Google whereas a website that is listed on page 5 will get no results. Estate agents must demand a continuing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) program that keeps pushing for the top spots of Google, otherwise their website will be lost in the abyss of the internet, like so many other static websites.

2. Affordable solution

Many website design companies will charge you in excess of £5,000 just for a website and then leave the website to gather digital dust. Estate agents must never let this happen. Websites do not have to cost this much. Websites can cost as little as what you pay for an advert in the local press, but it gives you a local presence and is accessible 24 hours a day.

3. The latest technology

Website design companies for estate agents have to keep on top of the latest developments. Estate agents want instant uploads of new instructions to their own website and 3rd party websites. With email alerts, customers know the latest properties as well as enhanced mapping that shows local amenities. Estate agents must demand that their website design company invests heavily in new technologies to ensure that the latest features, design and images are available to them.

4. Demand an industry specialist

Only industry specialists know the intricacies of a great estate agent website. General website design companies will not have the necessary experience, features or knowledge to expertly produce websites that are above the benchmark.

Combining 3 seconds to impress and the four categories above, your estate agent website will be one of the best estate agent websites on the internet. Resource Techniques is an industry specialist in website design for estate agents. We will work closely with estate agents to produce, maintain and enhance the best estate agent websites on the internet. To have the best estate agent website in your area call us on 0208 457 4777 or contact us.