Estate Agents with motion sensor displays

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Estate Agents with motion sensor displays


Welcome to this week’s instalment gadget of the week!

Previous gadget articles for Estate Agents have covered Water-powered alarm clock and the Wireless solar powered keyboard. This week we will be covering digital photo frames – with a difference.

Digital window displays in an Estate Agent’s office certainly isn’t a new idea. It not only looks great, but they’re up-to-date, easier to change, paperless and give a modern feel to the business. Not for every Estate Agent, but certainly worth thinking about.

There is now the technology for Estate Agents to add a fantastic new dimension – the ‘moving’ power of motion.

Motion sensor displays could very well be all rage. Now imagine yourself as customer.

Walking through the dark streets from a long day a at work, you blindly stride past paper property listings in a shop window with a hundred and one thoughts racing through your mind.

Suddenly you are taken back as a shop window blasts a wave of light and colour in your direction. Captivating your curiosity, you stop in your tracks and stare into the shop window.

With clear branding you quickly establish the nature of the advertisement – An estate agent… selling properties… in my area… actually one house is being sold on my road.

Now this is not exactly a ground breaking, but there’s no denying that it is an excellent way of standing out against the uncountable amount of Estate Agents that place printed properties in their shop window.

With a quick glance at the internet, we were able to find a company called Pro Display, a global distributer of display products. They claim to have motion sensor screens from 7 to 32 inches. Unfortunately there is no price on the website but there seems to be a rental option.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant