Estate agents, who are you more likely to communicate with on social networks? Men or Women?

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Estate agents, who are you more likely to communicate with on social networks? Men or Women?


Resource Techniques has guided many of our customers through social networking. It enables estate agents to directly communicate with online property searchers. It provides them with the latest properties, a personal service, whilst also linking back to their own website. But who have estate agents mostly come in contact with?

According to stats collected by Brian Solis, estate agents are more likely to get in contact with women rather than men! The largest majority of women were on social network Bebo with 68% and the smallest is Hi5 with 54% majority of women. Social networking giants, Twitter and Facebook had a majority of 57% of more women than men. The only exception is Digg with 64% of men users.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'There is a 7% displacement between Twitter and Facebook which are the major social networks in the UK. Twitter has seen unprecedented growth whilst the world's largest network on Facebook is London!'

'What's more important here is that estate agents market their social networking towards both sexes, even though these stats suggest that 7% more women use social networking on the popular networks,' Troy Stanley continues.

'It's going back to the basics. Treating your customers fairly, regardless of sex, is not only lawful but will give the personal estate agent service that everyone requires. - Troy Stanley.

Estate agents, what have you found? Have you been contacted by more men or more women son social networks or searching for property online? Contact us via our Twitter account or our Facebook page.

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