Estate Agent's websites and Google Maps - the facts

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Estate Agent's websites and Google Maps - the facts


Estate Agents have had mixed reactions over the announcement of Google providing listings on Google Maps. Few have made a snap judgement without considering the facts and you know what happens what you make assumptions; 'Assumptions make an...' Well, you know the rest.

The facts include:

  • Property listings on Google maps is not going to be a property portal, but a search engine.
  • Google has already released this for the U.S. (.com) and Australia (.au).
  • Properties will link to the Estate Agents website or property portal.
  • Details will include, price, postcode, property type, local transport, photos
  • This service will be available to all Estate Agents with Resource Techniques

Even though Rightmove's shares took a tumble, Google maps will not be a property portal but a search engine for users because the full details will only be available via the link provided. This means that there will be an extra avenue of traffic to enter Estate Agent websites, this extra medium, if properly optimised, can only be beneficial for agents.

Users of the service will search the area that they are interested in buying property in, turn on the 'real estate' option and see the houses that are for sale in their desired area. Once they have found a property of their choice, users will be given more detailed information and a link to the corresponding website.

Estate Agents that have websites with Resource Techniques will have their properties and the corresponding links listed on 'Real Estate' Google maps, as soon as it is released in the UK.