Estate Agents, treat your car this Christmas

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Estate Agents, treat your car this Christmas


Winter is snow-joke. Breakdowns rise as much as 26% and being an Estate Agent (and maybe a parent) you could easily classify yourself as at least a semi-professional taxi driver.

Combining these two factors, it’s probably an idea to give your poor car a little present to show that even if the weather is cold, you have a warm heart.

Let’s put the full servicing aside – your car will be expecting that – let’s give her something not only lets her show off to her friends but also helps you on a daily basis.

Sat Navs

Bestow your car with a voice of your choice by giving it a Sat Nav. We’ve written about the top 5 Sat Navs for Estate Agents previously and although that was last year, all the main players such as TomTom, Garmin and Navigon are still mapping out the future of Satellite navigation.

Prices range from around £150 upwards for the latest models.

Hands free calling

Driving whilst on the phone is just dangerous and we’ve all watched the horrible nationwide campaign (the one where a husband is on the phone to his wife) but many of us still do it, putting our poor cold cars in danger.

The more expensive Sat Navs come with Bluetooth for hands free calling kits, but Estate Agents can also get separate hands-free if their current Sat Nav does not cover that. We suggest the Parrot MKi9000 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit which is only around £100!

Car USB car charger

From around £10 (or more if you want to splash out), you can charge your treasured apple products whilst on the road. Since battery life and charging time is of the essence, this is more than a must have than a treat.

Make sure you check each individual USB car charger capabilities so you don’t end up with another useless gadget.

Wallet Ice Scraper

Yes these exist! Not only do these fit snugly into your wallet but they also remove any pesky ice. The plastic ones come in a range of colours but Estate Agents can also get a stainless steel scraper – although considering the side of the standard wallet and a big dump of snow, it could get a little cold on your little digits.

Priced around a couple quid, it could be a nice stocking filler….

The Pink Boot Buddy

Let’s be honest, there are too many gadgets are designed for men. Throw down your silver/grey/black shiny electronic gadgets and join the pink revolution!

The Pink Boot Buddy helps you organise your messy boot with style with four foldable compartments, each one with plenty of space.

Priced around £10, it comes with 2 ‘bag for life’ shopping bags and one shopping trolley token.