Estate Agents top 5 keep fit apps for the iPhone

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Estate Agents top 5 keep fit apps for the iPhone

Keep FitEstate Agents may have put on a little too much 'cheer' over Christmas. Never fear, Resource Techniques is here to help and has constructed our Top 5 app for Estate Agents to get into shape for the new year.

1. Eight Glasses a Day - £0.59
Eight Glasses a Day is a simple app that reminds Estate Agents how many glasses of water they have drunk. The design is simple, there are 8 glasses on the screen and a single touch will empty the glass. Once out the app a small number, exactly the same as a push notification, will show you how many glasses of water you have to drink that day. Get drinking Estate Agents!

2. Gymgoal - £2.39
Estate Agents, have you not seen a gym in years? The Gymgoal will fully cover all areas of the gym and contains 280 exercises (with animations), 52 workout routines, 'comprehensive tracking system', progress tables, app history and email capacity. Perfect for any Estate Agent that wants to get back into the gym routine or start afresh.

3. Tap & Track - Calorie, Weight and Exercise Tracker - £2.39
Estate Agents, are you completely serious about losing weight? An excellent app to completely track your fitness regime, from food calories, burned calories to tracking your daily weight, setting diet plans and even viewing your BMI. Again this is another app with very good reviews from users.

4. FitnessBuilder - £5.99
Fitness Builder is similar to Gymgoal, but it claims to have the largest database of works and exercise images and videos in the world. Although it hasn't been reviewed as well as Gymgoal (half a star less), the app is very thorough and has social networking capabilities so that you can share your progress with your friends.

5. Go Pedometer - £0.59
Currently with a 50% Christmas sale of, Estate Agents can get their own pedometer for 59p. It has a funky design and works just like a real pedometer. One downside is that Estate Agents must have the app open whenever they want to count their steps.