Estate Agents surfing the web now surfing the concrete jungle

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Estate Agents surfing the web now surfing the concrete jungle

Previously the web design for Estate Agents team at Resource Techniques wrote an article on Estate Agent and jetpacks making viewings ‘fly by’. We even covered an article on Estate Agents using spring-boots to jump from viewing to viewing.

Now with a mixture of vertigo and the high price-tag, members of the website design team have hunted for something that’s more down-to-Earth.

The Flowboard, a 14-wheeled Skateboard will have Estate Agents rolling down their carbon emissions.

The two designers are from Switzerland, called Mike Simonian and Pieter Schouten. They are both snowboarders that want to recreate the feeling of snowboarding on the pavement.

Estate Agents can watch a promotional video here.

Sources on Wikipedia have written that the Flowboard allows riders to turn at almost double the angle than a regular skateboard as well as the Flowboard usually puts pressure on only 2 wheels at one time rather than all 4 on a skateboard.

Troy Stanley Resource Techniques CTO comments, 'Estate Agents are certain to have a 'wheel' good time'.

Estate Agents, do you own a Flowboard? Let us know via our Twitter or Facebook Fan page.