Estate agent's social networking illusion

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Estate agent or not, social networking illusions exists throughout the business world. Many believe that social networking will be the magic answer to the downturn in property sales. There is no doubt that social networking is a chance for estate agent to reach out to potential and existing customers, but there are some illusions that need to be addressed.

Social networks are complicated and only a tech savvy estate agent will be able to use them

Does using your printer or digital camera scare you? Luckily social networks provide interfaces that cater for everyone. They will take you through setting up your profile step by step and if you still get stuck, try searching for your question online. Many people will have already asked the question in mind and there are many websites dedicated to effectively using social networking. Don't be afraid, take the plunge.

Time suck

Just because the younger generation spends a lot of their spare time online, estate agents don't have to. Remember that social networking is a tool that estate agents can use, and like any tool, the more effective you use it, the greater the rewards. Try dedicating just 5 or 10 minutes a week to establishing connections with potential property buyers.

Instant rewards

There's no doubt about it, reaching out to customers on a personal level will take time. Once you have established an array of rich media, information or regular updates, customers will slowly filter through, but it isn't instantaneous. Many estate agents have started a social networking profile but have given up after awhile. Suspending social networking profiles can have a negative effect on businesses as users will be put-off by irregular or no activity.

It's all about you

Estate agents that constantly self promote on social networking will only get so far. As mentioned above, try to establish personal connections between people as this will provide quality contacts, not quantity contacts. Talk to them about their situation, find out what they like and any local developments or news that can help them.

It's a waste of time

Establishing the benefits of social networking for estate agents is imperative. Not being able to see the possibilities of the long term benefits of social networking can hold some estate agents back as it seems alien to them.
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