Estate Agents Say Halo to never losing things again

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Estate Agents Say Halo to never losing things again

Estate Agents are you losing your marbles or other small, yet important objects? Now the time has come to never lose your mobile, keys or wallet ever again.

This is now possible with the help of a Phone Halo. The Phone Halo uses a bit of clever technology to link a dongle to your phone, email and Twitter using a Halo.

The Halo then uses a mixture of GPS and Bluetooth to set up a perimeter so that your phone, keys and wallet never move away from the other.

The Phone Halo only works on smart phones - which should be an indicator for Estate Agents that now is the time to upgrade.

If Estate Agents have lost the Halo within its perimeter, they would need to start the Phone Halo application on their smart phone and then turn on a buzzer on the Halo. If your phone is missing, Estate Agents can press a button on the Halo that forces the phone to ring.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Setting up a Twitter account is slightly obscure. Would you want to alert the whole of the internet that you've lost the keys to your house?'