Estate agents of the future type without a keyboard.

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Estate agents of the future type without a keyboard.

Laser KeyboardResource Techniques has extensively covered new designs of keyboards. It could be argued that the keyboard is a primitive device and that even the most ergonomic mainstream designs are unhygienic and can lead to arthritis. Therefore we are always on the lookout for a spring board for future inventions to break into mainstream commercial sales.

Now it is time to set your faces to stun. The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard has to be from a galaxy far, far away with a chance to take over from the current germ machine currently at your fingertips. The Laser Virtual Keyboard works by beaming a laser QWERTY keyboard onto the desk in front of you. Even Chewy would be impressed.

The user then taps on each projected button and the result is exactly the same as a normal keyboard. This gadget can be placed on any surface and it can detect up to 400 characters a minute. Not ideal for people who touch type at a high rate but it is perfect for novices.

The Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is available from and is priced at $149.99, about 3 times as much as a normal keyboard but it will certainly impress any buyers or vendors.

Estate Agents, are you not yet sold on new age technology and would prefer to use what has been tried and tested? Why not try the Optimus Maximus Keyboard, at $1,599.99 it is not a small investment, but wait till you hear what it can do...

Each individual keyboard key has a mini screen that displays each key that is attached to it. Pressing the 'Shift' key will automatically changes each letter into upper case. Not only that but each screen can show any image that the user requires, play an animation or show a single image across the entire keyboard.

A little unnecessary? Well the Optimus Maximus Keyboard is the perfect tool to learn shortcuts on programs such as Photoshop by displaying what the shortcut will do or opening up programs without have to go to Start, Programs, Microsoft Office, Word.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Why did the spider cross the keyboard? To get to the world wide web!!'

Estate Agents, will you be investing in the Optimus Maximus Keyboard or will you upgrade to the high tech Laser Keyboard? Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter account.