Estate agents - internet users love animations on your property website.

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So you've got people accessing your property website, what's next? Well animation or 'flash' has come a long way and website designers do not now make websites completely in flash. Combining a good balance of flash and text impresses users and also caters for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs.

Ideally estate agents do not need a website with too much animation, just something that gently introduces the internet user to the website. Below are some examples of estate agents that have some of the best animations for property websites.

This is a fantastic animation. The image starts off as a drawn outline and then changes into a vibrant image with billowing clouds. There is a flag on top of the castle that flaps in the wind. This adds a very subtle movement that makes the user study the animation before moving onto the desired property search.

Their website also has fantastic SEO. The SEO provided by Resource Techniques has boosted their page rank to second on page one when you type in 'Estate agents in Teignmouth'.

This is another animation that makes the website stand out from other property websites. It starts off with an impressive country estate in black and white and then has a steady transition into colour. The sky starts moving and completes the animation. This animation fits perfectly for a high end estate agent.

The SEO for Penyards is perfect. The SEO provided by Resource Techniques has put the Penyards to page one, position one when users type in 'Estate Agents in Winchester'. This SEO will guarantee a very healthy stream of customers looking for property in the Winchester area.

This is the latest estate agency website released by Resource Techniques. It shows a realistic river with a punt floating down the river. The impressive aspect of this animation is that the punt has waves and a shadow on the water, whist increasing in size as it moves down the river.

Resource Techniques are almost limitless with the animation that we can produce. Why not try calling Resource Techniques on 0208 457 4777 to see what we can do for your estate agent website.

Troy Stanley