Estate agents, does your website need a facelift?

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Estate agents, does your website need a facelift?

Website Design for estate agents, technologically, changes quickly. Estate agents have a tendency to expect that once they have bought a website, they can leave it and expect it to be as relevant today as when they bought it back in as early as the year 2000.

The best way to prove that estate agents cannot ignore their website is to provide a real-life example. Below is a screen shot of an estate agent's website back in the year 2000. It was provided by a separate design company that called themselves 'the world leaders in internet property marketing'.

Penyards Estate Agents in Salisbury

This would not be acceptable by today's standards. Internet users will access the website, and understandably, be very wary of the website. They will click off or press the 'back' button before the page has even fully loaded.

Now compare this with the Penyards website that was built recently:

Penyards Estate Agents in Hampshire

A stylish website with a modern design, the Penyards website has had a vast improvement. Customers looking for property will feel completely confident that this estate agent will professionally handle all areas of their business.

Not only does the Penyards website look professional, but their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is first rate. Due to the SEO techniques, we have put Penyards on Page one, position one. Not only do estate agents need a website that looks first rate but they need to have fantastic SEO to put them to the top of Google.

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