Estate Agents create your own local Monopoly board

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Estate Agents create your own local Monopoly board


Previously Resource Techniques informed Estate Agents about being able to play Monopoly on Google Maps, now Estate Agents have a chance to completely customise their own...

Monopoly is the bestselling board game of all time. It has sold 250 million copies worldwide, has built more than five billion of those green houses, the longest game of Monopoly ever played was played for 1,690 hours and the longest game in a bath lasted 99 hours –imagine the shrivelling!

It truly is a giant in the board gaming industry.

Now with thanks to I want one of those, Estate Agents can create their own Monopoly board. It comes with a CD so that buyers can completely customise and print off stickers for their own board.

With 22 properties/streets, 4 train stations/transports and 2 utilities, Estate Agents can ‘toy’ with the idea of playing the greatest property game with their local area – imagine vendor’s faces when they realise that their road is on Mayfair or Old Kent road.

Perfect for those slow and rainy days in the office - not that Estate Agents have time to play ‘local Monopoly’ in work hours of course.