Estate Agents can easily check-in some new customers

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Estate Agents can easily check-in some new customers


Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not. Estate Agents can easily get people to promote their business on that person’s social network(s). All it takes is a little incentive…

Facebook, as discussed in this week’s article entitled ‘Facebook messenger’, this social networking mammoth has fewer than 40% of the population as registered users. This means that it is head and shoulders above any other social network in the UK.

It is then worth considering that back in September 2010 we wrote about Facebook Places now Live and Facebook places storms into the deals market meaning that not only can smart phone users ‘check-in’ into businesses, but businesses can also offer potential and existing customers exclusive offers.

Then again, Facebook isn’t the only social network to offer this type of functionality.

Foursquare (which we wrote about back in November 2009) is a social network that is completely orientated towards users ‘checking-in’ to earn badges, share their favourite places whilst businesses can offer users incentives to attract new customers as well as encouraging loyalty amongst existing ones.

So what does this mean for Estate Agents?

Think about your local competition, do any of them whatsoever currently offer this type of modern deal system? Taking a guess I would say that the answer would be a no.

Same as our ’Take the initiative, acquire the advantage’ article, we urge Estate Agents to take action, now we urge you to look at these Facebook deals for businesses page and the Foursquare deals for businesses page to attract the technologically adept consumer.

The offer you create wouldn’t even have to be that costly. Usually something simple like ‘check-in’ and members of the public will receive a free biscuit with a cup of tea can be very effective. It then also gives you a chance to sit down and talk to the member of the public about their current property situation.

Sure you might get a few freeloaders looking for a free cup of tea, but then again, you already offer a cup of tea to people that come into your office… don’t you?