Estate Agents can ask Google anything

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Estate Agents can ask Google anything

ask Google anythingAccording StatCounter, Google has a 92% of market share in the UK making Google still the king of search engines in the UK. This hasn’t stopped Bing, investing $2 Billion in March with an advertising campaign to siphon some of the sweet search engine pie.

It’s easy to understand why tech savvy Estate Agents have such watchful eyes on the momentous search giant and how it will affect their Estate Agent website. Even the recent news of the affect of Google Maps on the Australian property market drew the attention of many Estate Agents.

In their latest development, Google have decided that it will answer factual questions directly, speeding up the process by eliminating the need for the user to access any website.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, “This doesn’t mean that users will completely stop accessing websites all together.

“Many people use Google as a memory jogger, comfy information blanket or just use it to cheat at pub quizzes.

“Ultimately these factual answers increase the user experience and do not stop any useful traffic to websites.” - Troy Stanley.