Estate Agents ask, what's this buzz about?

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Estate Agents ask, what's this buzz about?

Create a social networking buzz with Resource TechniquesBrace yourself for the Google social network. Google have just announced that they have yet another service called Google Buzz. Google Buzz lets users share updates, videos, pictures and links. Being built right into Gmail means that any email contacts you have no there can automatically be friends.

This is perfect for Estate Agents that use Gmail, but not ideal if you have only a limited amount of contacts on there or do not have a Gmail account. Luckily anyone with a Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader or Twitter can use Google Buzz to connect through there.

All shared content is posted to your inbox and Google Buzz even recommends posts you may like and if you don't like a post, a simple click will stop posts of that type being sent to you. Any shared links can also include more than one photo for a more integrated user experience.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, The best thing about Google buzz is that each share or update is location aware. Not only can you see where your contacts are but you can also search for particular hot spots and updates on a Google Map.'