Estate agents, are you having a social networking burnout?

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Many businesses, including estate agents, are using social networking. They are using this virtual tool to reach out to the people who are looking for property in their area, but it's not always a positive experience.

From a lack of knowledge or experience in online communication, many estate agents are finding that their efforts are in vain. They start off with huge expectations that peak, then quickly burnout. In other words, estate agents are putting in a large amount of their time to promote their website or their business and do not see the long term strategy. They then become disillusioned and leave their page to permanently freeze in the cold depths of cyber space.

Estate agents that are successful with social networking do find that it does yield fantastic results. They integrate their social networking into a daily or weekly habit to slowly build up an online portfolio and a list of loyal customers that they connect to on a personal level.

The message here for estate agents is that social networking has to be for the long term. Do not expect that a burst of effort will yield immediate results but also do not think that your efforts are in vain. Local people will come across your page and find that you are the perfect estate agent for them so try to habitually dedicate twice or three times a week in expanding your online presence.

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