Estate agents, are social networks replacing email?

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Estate agents, are social networks replacing email?


People now use social networking more than ever. In fact social networking has been in the news enough times that some estate agents might be slightly tired hearing about it, whether you are or not, social networking is here to say.

Now social networking is being used more than email. If that is true, is it possible that email will be taken over by social networks? Discussing social networking, Troy Stanley CTO of Resource Techniques believes that is it is possible.

'More and more people now use social networking. One main reason for this is that users are interacting with known contacts or friends, and they are therefore trustworthy. Whereas email is subject to spam but scammers saying that 'you have won the lottery'.

Going in-depth, Troy Stanley stated 'Email is great for initial contact, file transfer, official communication, and creating email campaigns and social networking is great for personal communication, link sharing, branding and expanding your online presence.'

'Integrating or replacing email is possible, if social networking add functions like file transfer, but everyone would have to be on the same social network or have a universal profile, without this, it's very unlikely.'

Troy Stanley continues 'A recent report by Ofcom stated that UK users spend six hours a month of their own time on Facebook and Twitter's audience in the UK has grown to 2.6 million users. With such a large increase in usage and users, estate agents cannot ignore social networks for much longer.'

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