Estate Agents are hot stuff

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Estate Agents are hot stuff

Summer is not yet over. Weather men and women across the country are reporting that another heat wave is set to hit Estate Agents up and down the country. Even if this could be the last heat wave of the summer, are you prepared to be hot, sticky and sweaty in your office?

If your office doesn't have the luxury of air conditioning, these are the top 5 gadgets for staying cool in the office:

USB fan

USB's are no longer for transferring data, oh no. Just like the USB glove warmers for cold keyboard users, the USB can provide crazy desktop gadgets (like the Beanzawave) with the power that they need. This USB Fan works with any PC or Mac and plugs directly into your USB. Although being 30cms long, Estate Agents will need to ensure that it reaches.

The cool seat

Do you ever get hot crossed buns? Well the USB cooling seat pad will ensure that your bottom will never get cold. The Cooling seat pad blows cold air from your seat onto your seat. Although it's pink colour may not suit the manlier of Estate Agents.

Misting Fan

Sometimes a little mist can clear our hot and bothered minds. The Misting fan is such a device that many of us have bought at theme parks and throw away at the end of the day (or when they break!).

Ice sticks

Not exactly a gadget but it was such a simple idea that we couldn't resist adding this in. Ice sticks are exactly what they seem and are perfect for anyone that drinks out of plastic or water bottles, whereas normal ice cubes will struggle to fit in. These ice sticks are made the conventional rubber ice tray.


Laptops also to feel the cool breeze of the wind. Whereas us complex humans have a great system of cooling down, the lowly laptop sometimes need a little help to keep as cool as a cat.

The lovely people at Belkin have come up with an efficient cooling pad with a fan in the middle maximising the area feeling its cool breeze. There is more information on this Amazon Belkin Cooling pad web page.

Troy Stanley, CTO at Resource Techniques comments on cool gadgets, 'Personally I think the latop cooling pad is bbbrrrilliant.'