Estate Agent website usability checklist – Top 10

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Estate Agent website usability checklist – Top 10

Estate Agent website usability Estate Agents can easily overlook usability. Unless Estate Agents are tuned into the ins and outs of website usability, they could let a major website mistake push reach the final design.

To help Estate Agents the web design team have constructed the top 10 usability mistakes. This list can be used by any Estate Agent that is considering or currently redesigning their Estate Agent website.

1. Loading – There’s no denying that a website that takes time to load is frustrating. As a user it’s all too tempting to press that Back button and move onto another website that will give you what you want.

2. Fonts – Simple rule here for Estate Agents: make sure your fonts are clear and easy to read.

3. Access all areas - Make sure that you can access all pages and that all the features are running.

4. Brand Awareness – Not a common mistake, but your Estate Agent logo has to be prominently placed within the website. This is so that there is no chance anyone could mistake it as your Estate Agent website.

5. 3 seconds to impress - Estate Agents have 3 seconds 2 impress once a property searcher has opened their website. Is your website impressive and easy to use in 3 seconds? It should be.

6. Clear information - Does your Estate Agent website have clear information such as area information and clear contact details – it should.

7. Prominent property search The vast majority of property searchers will go straight to property search once they have accessed your Estate Agent website. Help them along a bit a place a prominent property search button.

8. Navigation - As before, clear and concise with a limited number of links as well as being easily identifiable.

9. Content - Google loves content, probably more than anything else in the world. Estate Agents should aim to fill in as much information as possible in their area information page whilst inserting. The same as above, the Estate Agent website should have clear headers and the main copy has no errors as well as being concise.

10. Style and colours - Not only should the style and colours be consistent with the Estate Agent branding but are not jarring the property searcher’s eye.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘Following these simple points will ensure that your Estate Agent website won’t have any major mistakes.’