Estate Agent web design for life

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Estate Agent web design for life


A design for life is defined as a period for which a device is expected to function without major changes. Unfortunately this does not apply to web design for Estate Agents or any other business website.

Website design is constantly changing and evolving. Take the web design from the 90s for example, at the time websites were constructed by using tables with moving pixelated gif animations. We now look back and cringe but it was cutting edge technology at the time.

It is then the job of a great Estate Agent web designer to create a website that is timeless - well almost timeless.

The web will certainly continue to evolve, there’s no questioning that, but using techniques such as minimalism and usability, our web designers here at Resource Techniques create Estate Agent websites that do not follow fads in design or technology.

See ‘Chance is not a word in a web designer’s dictionary’.

Instead they strive to create web designs that give a timeless feel, clear navigation and unparalleled usability. In other words, we create a website that local property searchers will instantly feel at home.

They feel at ease using the property related features so that they end up saying to themselves ‘You know what, I’d like my property to be marketed online like this’.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘Not 100% sure your website design lives up to this expectation? Why not fill in our free web review form to see how your website could improve’.