Estate Agent SEO - Search engine Bing and Yahoo given go ahead

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Estate Agent SEO - Search engine Bing and Yahoo given go ahead

Search engine Bing and Yahoo given go aheadSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Estate Agents has just become that little bit simpler. An agreement with two big search engines, Bing and Yahoo, is a deal that has taken almost a year in the making.

Bing took over from Microsoft's 3 search engines last July and within a month they had agreed a deal to power Yahoo's search engine on the Yahoo website. A strong move, but it made industry regulators nervous in both America and Europe.

Today the deal has been given the go ahead 'without restrictions' by both the United States Department of Justice and the European Commission. After waiting for such a long time, it will not be a surprise if both the internet giants are having a little celebration.

Estate Agents will find that the transaction will occur within 'the next few days' according to a statement. This means that Bing's search engine market share could jump to around 6% in the UK, making it the second largest search engine.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on the recent developments, 'Although Google has a majority search engine market share of 92%, this merger could see the UK search engine market turn into a two horse race.'

'The web designers and SEO team and Resource Techniques will continue to monitor all developments within the SEO industry and apply it to our Estate Agent websites.' - Troy Stanley.