Estate Agent IT-s time you got that promotion

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Estate Agent IT-s time you got that promotion

Estate Agents work hard, some really hard and some... well, not so much.

Hard workers unite, 2010 is the year of the promotion and to give you that little boost Resource Techniques has compiled the list of the 5 things that will get you noticed, or cover your back.

Social Networking

There's no escaping social networking. Some Estate Agents won't use it and some will only use it for personal use, but maybe it's time to use social networking to promote your Estate Agency. Study social networking first by putting your Face-in-a-book, sign up and keep Twittering in your boss's ear until he or she Diggs your work, and then hopefully your promotion will be LinkedIn.

Keep Connected

There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is such a thing as free Wi-Fi. Everyone that uses internet on their mobile phone will know, free Wi-Fi is a Godsend. Luckily for Estate Agents, WorkSnug will use Google Maps and augmented reality to show the nearest free Wi-Fi spots around you. Unfortunately for Estate Agents, this feature is currently only available in Brighton and London.

Tidy Work Desk Tidy Mind

Even if you have a dirty mind (in the messy sense of the word), a tidy desk will make you look more professional and make it seem that you are on top of your work. Estate Agents can now get a USB Vacuum Cleaner that will suck up all those naughty crumbs that'll even make Mary Poppins need a spoon full of sugar.

Key-eep track!

I know it's scary but recording each individual key impression would show your boss that you can put the 'I So Sure' in serious (It does fit, we checked)! This is all possible by the Keyboard Key Logger that counts every single key that is pressed, but it does mean that you have to work.

Sneaky Switch

No one works 100% of the time, and if they do, they're weird. Estate Agents can now use their foot to press the StealthSwitch to change their computer screen from a Sneaky Solitaire to a Striving Spreadsheet.

NOTE: Resource Techniques does not condone playing games at work and only by working hard can you gain that promotion.