Estate Agent gadgets: Biometric USB

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Estate Agent gadgets: Biometric USB

There are times when an Estate Agent just wants to feel like they are part of her Majesty’s secret service. Adding a little spy-ce to what may seem like boring IT work.

This gadget, should you choose to accept it, is for your eyes only. It does not promise that the world is not enough but it does prove that diamonds are forever. It isn’t from Russia with love but it will make you feel like you would want to die another day.

This USB stick is not like any other USB. To access the information Estate Agents must their biometric information to open up those tiny 1’s and 0’s. Don’t worry, no eye scanners here, users will just use the humble fingerprint to open up that sensitive data.

Make a search on Google and Estate Agents will find that this gadget is around £15 and only reveals your data at a swipe of a finger.
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