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Estate Agent Blogging

Resource Techniques News - Estate Agent BloggingBlogging is not popular for Estate Agents in the UK compared to agents in the US. Many are put off because of the time and effort it involves, but blogging can reap fantastic rewards. Blogging gives Estate Agents a chance to talk about subjects that really interest them, they are then able to gauge the comments and open a debate on various property topics.

So what are the best practices for Estate Agents running a blog? Luckily for Estate Agents new to blogging, Resource Techniques is now going to compile a list what makes a good property blog.

Post regularly
When Estate Agents first start blogging they become excited about the prospects and possibilities from what their blog will bring them. After time, this enthusiasm wanes and this shows in their writing. Make sure you post consistently and regularly to keep readers up to date.

Property Passion
Let your property passion speak talk for you. You know what you love and hate about the property industry, share it with your readers.

Take off your sales cap
It is easy to see sales people from a mile off and especially with blogging or social networking. It doesn't take a genius to look at the previous history and see that the Estate Agent is only promoting property, after property, after property. Post as yourself and talk openly with people online, it will show and you can easily establish yourself as a local expert that people can depend on for advice.

Do your research
Find out what the local population is talking about and start blogging. Talk about the latest developments, building sites or even road works to generate interest in your blog.

Have fun
This is should be obvious for any Estate Agent looking to use social networking. By having fun and passion, the quality of your messages and communication will show.

Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques CTO comments, 'Creating a successful blog is by no means an easy feat and it may take time to build up a foundation of readers but the end result is worth it.'