Essential content for your personal brand

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Essential content for your personal brand

A lot of thought goes into the designing of a website and planning of the strategies to get them ranking highly but the content on the website tends to be given very little thought and is normally rushed where it matters most.

So what vital information needs to be included on your website to make it look more personal and trustworthy?

Each brand will have a different objective that will affect what information is put on a website and where it is place.

What may be important for one website won’t be on another, however there are certain elements that almost every brand needs to include when creating a website.

Here are 9 essential elements for your personal brand website:

  • About us
    Information about you and your company, including a brief history of the business.
  • Services
    Here you should list off all the services you provide, explaining what makes you different from your competitors and why they should choose you over them.
  • Social proofing
    This could be:
    • A clients case studies
    • Testimonials
    • Influencers (places you’ve been mentioned, reviews, recommendation, etc)
  • Unique content
    Your website needs to be updated regularly; you can do this by creating a blog and submitting articles, videos, etc.
  • Resources
    Where relevant, you should also include resources such as interactive tools like a mortgage calculator.
  • Company profiles
    You should include:
    • Office profiles – short description about the office and the team.
    • Staff profiles – pictures and short descriptions about all your staff.
    • Contact information
  • Contact information
    This is the preferred contact information you should include:
    • Phone number
    • Office address
    • Email
    • Social media links
    • Map with each office location listed
  • Subscription/sign up form:
    This could be for email alerts on new properties uploaded or to subscribe to a newsletter if you have one.
  • Legal Information
    • Terms and conditions
    • Privacy policy
    • Copyright information

When considering what to include on your website don’t forget to think about where the pages will be placed within it. Take into account the process of which your customers will view your website and try to make it flow with their needs.