Envy can be good for your business

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Envy can be good for your business

Estate Agents have you ever spent 5 minutes checking out your competitor’s website? You could be shocked with what you see.

Generally Estate Agents will find that their competitors are either streaks ahead with embedded Google Maps, high resolution pictures etc. or they will have a truly shocking website.

Many Estate Agent web designs are stuck in the late 90s and have jump off to a property portal, where property searchers can then view all other properties within the area.

Envy therefore, can be a good thing. It can spurn Estate Agents to have a good think about the design of their Estate Agent websiteand what it offers to vendors.

You never know, give it go.

Troy Stanley comments on web design for Estate Agents, ‘I seriously suggest every Estate Agent has a look at the competitors in their local area.

‘All you have to do is spend a few minutes checking out their web design, features and functionality, and how their properties are generally presented.’