Does your Estate Agents SEO campaign have personality?

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Does your Estate Agents SEO campaign have personality?


If you are an Estate Agent you will know that there are many different factors that are important to developing your brand within the online community. Obviously the first part of this is to get your Estate Agency website up and running and get a good SEO campaign on its way as this is will be the centre point of your online presence.

Your aim will be to show others your expertise, gain respect and show you are a company which can be trusted.

Another huge aspect of your branding is to get across your business’s personality which must be shown in the right way to your target audience to get full benefit from it.

We recommend that Estate Agents try to reveal the personality of their business’s in as many ways as possible. What we mean by showing personality is to share more information other than sticking to the basic or bare minimum. Giving an insight about your company, who works there, your views and other information which are unique from your competitors.

Many traditional people will think this is a complete waste of time. They think if they run a good service at a good price then they will succeed. This approach to business is obviously going to benefit them but with increasingly more competition, you need to do more to gain the best results possible.

The internet is a great place to start with building your brand personality. A website can be just as important as your branch; using social networking will help you interact with the community, and making people more likely to trust you as a brand.

Whilst thinking about the rules of engagement in social media, you should do anything you can do to get your business noticed and think about what separates you from your competitors.

Here are some ways we advise you to help interact with your target audience.

  • Social networking
  • Blogs
  • Videos

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant