Do you have Google Street View on your estate agent website?

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Do you have Google Street View on your estate agent website?


People rebelled against the strange car with a Google logo and camera on top, but Google have decided that Street View is here to stay.

For those estate agents that are unsure, Google Street view is a 360° panoramic view of a street every 10-20 meters. It was launched in 2007 and was only available in the UK in March of this year. Google street view now covers many cities and towns across the UK.

On its release, many people feared that it infringed against their privacy rights, some people even physically stopped the Google car and refused to let it take pictures.

Now Google has revealed a new Google Street View website. Estate agents will be able to view lots of information on how to use Street View, where Street View covers and any privacy issues. It also tells users what cities they are currently driving around.

Google Street View is part of a web design service provided by Resource Techniques. Troy Stanley CTO of Resource Techniques commented 'we ensured that our service was able to offer Google Street View to estate agents within 2 weeks after its launch. This is the type of up-to-date service that web savvy users crave'.

Troy Stanley of Resource Techniques continues, 'Google Street view is the perfect tool for estate agent websites and estate agents should consider whether their website lives up to today's standards. This doesn't have to cost the earth, view our portfolio and contact us to see what Resource Techniques can do for you.'

Estate agents that are interested in a new website should read our 'Estate agents, does your web site need a facelift' article. Also to view the new Google street view website, click here.