Do I really need SEO?

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Do I really need SEO?

So what estate agents haven’t thought about wanting a better Google ranking? Everyone wants to improve their ranking, be number one and get a lot more traffic to their Estate Agent website because of it, but the question is, are you ready to start your SEO campaign?

Before thinking about starting up a SEO campaign you need to consider your Estate Agent website and see if it is even up to the right standards to perform well.

This is something people don’t usually think of before starting their SEO campaigns and simply focus on getting seen on the web instead of gripping their audience with their website.

Put yourself in the users shoes, even if you are position one on Google for your chosen search term but your website is outdated, slow, confusing and/or misguiding then the likelihood of the user hanging about is very slim.

Considerations before going ahead with your Estate Agent SEO campaign –

  • Is your website outdated?
    This is a simple one to discover, look at one of your competition’s website. Does it look better then yours? Is it clearer or faster with a better design? If yes then the chances are your website is outdated.

    Another easy way you can find out if your website is outdated is by submitting your website for a Free Web Review.
  • Does your website have a clear directive?
    Does your website have a clear call to action? What most users look for on an Estate Agent’s website is the Property Search function. This being in an obvious and clear place is vital, if the user can’t find what they are looking for immediately then nine times out of ten they will leave within a few seconds.
  • Is your website overcrowded and confusing?
    Overcrowded is confusing, if too much is going on, on your website then users aren’t going to know where to click. The same as if users are being pulled in too many directions (too much information and too many call to actions).

    So keep it simple and clear.

People don’t really consider their Estate Agent web design when they think about online marketing and yet without one the other simply wont work.

If you don’t have SEO people won’t be able to find your website, if you have a poor website but a really good Google position you may have a lot of traffic yet users won’t hang about on a rubbish website. 

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