DIY for estate agents: the search engine test

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DIY for estate agents: the search engine test


Estate agents, did you know that you could test how your website performs in Google? Remembering that Google has 91-92% of the search engine market in the UK, this test could radically change the amount of leads that come through your estate agency website.

The trick to this test is to put yourself in the mind of a property searcher. They will sit down at a computer and start with their preferred search engine. From there, they will type in the most logical phrase that they think will provide them with the best results.

In other words, the property searcher won't type in 'web design for estate agents', so that they can visit their local estate agent's website, instead they will try localised search with particular keywords. This will include a range of terms such as:

  • 'Estate agent in...'
  • 'Letting agent in...'
  • 'Property for sale in...'
  • 'Property to rent in...'
  • 'Two bedroom house for sale in...'
  • 'Flat to let in...'
  • Detached house for sale in...'

From there, the property searcher will be provided with the top 10 links that match their search. Ideally estate agents need to be as high as possible for these terms because property searchers will more likely use the links that are higher up in Google. Typically users do not go past page 3.

Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques CTO comments, 'Estate agents need to gravely reconsider their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and position in Google if they are past page three. Page one, position one on Google, if at all possible, is the best place for estate agents to provide maximum amount of traffic to their website.'

'Currently 98% of our websites are on page one of Google from our SEO techniques. This combined with industry leading website designs, will give our customers the maximum amount of leads from the internet.'

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