Did you know that Websites can bounce ?

| Web design

Unfortunately this is not about a website physically bouncing but this is relating to 'bounce rate'. Bounce rate is given as a percentage and is the number internet users that leave your website without clicking onto another page, so they literally 'bounce' off.

Estate agents and website designers do not want people to bounce on their website. Ideally you will want every person to stay and view properties but this is not necessarily possible. Below are the top 5 factors of why your website will have a bounce rate.

  • Keyword selection - Choosing keywords that are relevant to your website is paramount and getting this wrong will lead the wrong people onto your website. For example, if an estate agent has keywords targeted towards 'country estates' but they sell flats in London, they will receive traffic only people typing in 'country estates' into search engines.
  • Design garish and unorganised will put people off your website. Web users have become increasingly suspicious about websites that have even the slightest mistake or design flaw.
  • Content - Write for online, keep it relevant and interesting. The homepage needs to be enticing for the properties that are held within.
  • Navigation - Online estate agents need to provide a clear, user-friendly navigational structure. Every single user will need to look at the website and instantly know how to navigate around the website.
  • Accidental clicks - These are people who accidentally click onto a property website without realising.

All the checks above will help towards lowering a bounce rate, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to completely get rid of your website's bounce rate. For further information on bounce rates, contact Resource Techniques on 0208 457 4777 for more information.