Delete Your Facebook Business Pages?

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Delete Your Facebook Business Pages?

The Internet is a tough business platform and Social Media is no exception but as always the tough things are usually the things you get great benefits from.

So why delete your Facebook page?

It may seem a bit of a drastic move but ask yourself honestly do you really use Facebook properly?

For the last few years Resource Techniques have been writing articles with the latest and best strategies and ideas on how to create and run a successful Facebook Business page.

The basics being start a local community page, become the authority within your area and draw local people in this way.

Now this would be a great start, not only would it draw in people to your website but would boost brand recognition and your Facebook fan base.

The wrong idea...

Most Estate Agents obviously have got the wrong idea about how to use Facebook for business. Most Estate Agents fail by signing up to Facebook for the wrong reason, not dedicate enough time to updating their account or simply just using it as a self-promoting platform.

The amount of Estate Agents I’ve liked and un-liked over the years is crazy simply because they just fill my wall up with properties they’ve got on the market instead relevant or informative information that I may be interested in.

This is what the public want; we aren’t always searching for new homes and by the time we are searching for homes we have already un-liked your Business page because you annoyed and pestered us too much.

How to indicate if you are failing:

1. How long has it been since your last post?

I frequently see Estate Agents social accounts with one or two posts that are dated from over a year ago. If you aren’t going to use these accounts anymore, you are better off deleting them. Accounts that aren’t updated will reflect poorly on the business.
To keep users engaged it is important to post information up frequently. We would advise at least a couple of posts a week, the more you post the more likely you are to keep your fan base.

2. Have you got many likes?

If you are posting out all this information to a handful of people it won’t have much of an impact on your business (if any).
You may be wasting your time if you don’t have a good fan-base. The only way to improve this is to promote your Facebook page; you can do this by having links on your website, email signatures or even on your boards.

3. How often do you self-promote?

This is the most common fail I see; Estate Agents solely use Facebook as a promoting platform. Every single post is of a new property for sale, normally uploaded back to back and is very annoying for their followers.

Try to only promote 10% of the time; the other 90% should be informative, interesting posts about your local area or events.

Did you fail?

If you are one of the many Estate Agents with a failing Facebook page it’s not too late. You can still turn your profile into a successful account if you are willing to put in the effort.

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